Please consider a donation to help us preserve our community

Preserve Roanoke is fighting to keep our community and waters whole and safe. We are neighbors and volunteers. Please consider a donation to help our cause. The donations help us pay for t-shirts, advertising, expert help and more. PayPal is currently not working. Please consider sending a check made out to Preserve Roanoke to: Preserve […]

Help the cause. Please

We are still fighting the construction of the India-bound fracked gas pipeline.  We have lawyers working for us every day in the areas of eminent domain, cultural resources, water protection and more. We need help paying for these legal fees.  Please consider making a donation – anything will help – to Preserve Roanoke.  The Bent […]

POWHR update

POWHR (Protect our Water, Heritage, Rights), in preparation for Lorne Stockman’s MVP finance report release next week has updated most of the content on their website. They have some of their major reports listed under the Resources menu. You can also find archived materials there. They also have a blog under “Breaking News.” […]

Important Meeting!

On TUESDAY SEPT 6 @ 7 PM, at the BENT MT COMMUNITY CENTER, at 10140 Tinsley Lane, Bent Mountain, 24059– Preserve Roanoke and Preserve Franklin will gather for a joint session on the FERC COMMENT PROCESS to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement( DEIS) It is imperative that we each do our part in submitting thorough […]

Surveyors out again

Cale Curry, from Coates Field Service, under contract by MVP is calling neighbors and dropping by residences to request permission to survey lands for access roads (temporary and permanent). Thiss requires consultation with a lawyer before you agree to anything. Neighbors should decline to discuss till MVP puts their request in writing and they have […]

January Update Newsletter

January 24, 2016 Preserve Roanoke Dear Neighbors, Happy New Year! We are pleased to report that Preserve Roanoke is making strong progress alongside our regional allies from Virginia and West Virginia who oppose the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). This proposal is NOT a “done deal.” We have significant updates: 1) INTERVENTION and “Out of […]

It’s time to Intervene – Take Action

Now that Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC has filed the Certificate Application, individuals and groups can file with FERC as intervenors.  Please consider becoming an Intervenor on the Mountain Valley Pipeline, Docket #CP16-10-000. The deadline is Friday, November 27, 2015 at 5:00 PM. Follow this step-by-step guide:  How to Sign Up to be an Intervenor  Register via the FERC […]



Fix the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) First To be delivered to Rickey R. Hass, Inspector General, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama We call on our Federal Legislators, the President, and the Inspector General of DOE to:  • Conduct an INVESTIGATION by independent researchers of FERC’s […]

EQT has filed the MVP proposal with FERC – Work to do

EQT has filed the MVP proposal with FERC.  This means they are continuing their plans to construct the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  This does NOT mean it’s a done deal.  The 1000’s of pages need to be read and processed.  We’ll be working on future actions to prevent pipeline construction.  Stay tuned.  One possible action is […]